Ice Cylinder made with silicone mold for Grace Restaurant

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The Chicago School of Mold Making was originally created to teach the art of mold making and casting. After 13 years of creating high-quality silicone molds for the pastry industry, top competition and restaurant chefs have started to use silicone molds as well. Evolving with the time, we changed our name to Chicago Culinary FX. With both our custom mold making services and over 200 stock products, we are the secret “Ace” for culinary innovators to develop and shape food.

Our bricks and mortar ‘creative center’ is staffed with a talented team. We offer expert model making, sculpting, laser cutting, 3D printing services and well as custom mold making at affordable prices. In addition to making silicone molds for the culinary industry, we also provide custom shaping services for research, science, medical, art and the construction trades.

With more than 20 years of art fabrication and mold-making experience, we at Chicago Culinary Fx can help bring shape to your ideas. All of our high quality silicone molds as well as our plastic molds are hand made in our building and ship direct to clients world-wide. How can we give shape to your ideas? We’d love to help your project succeed. Get a Quote today!