Watch the first Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition, created by Pastry Chef Jimmy MacMillan. MacMillan worked closely with Michael Joy, founder for the Chicago School of Mold Making, to design the competition. Supporting a great ideas, the event is sponsored by and filmed on location at The Chicago School of Mold Making, watch as four Chicago chefs compete in an epic culinary challenge. The competing chefs have been chosen by “blind” audition; submitting photos and recipes. They are judged by creativity and concept alone, the chefs’ names redacted until the finalists are selected.

Joining us we have Pastry Chefs Meg Galus of NoMI Kitchen, Greg Mosko of North Pond Cafe, Jove Hubbard of The James Hotel and Sarah Kosikowski of Sixteen at Trump Tower. Please enjoy The Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition Season One. Local young culinary leaders, including Chef Curtis Duffy, Pastry Chef Della Gosset and Pastry Chef Patrick Fahy will judge the CRPC along with MacMillan.

Webisode 1: Meet The Competitors

This is the episode that started it all. Producer Jimmy MacMillan pulled together Chicago’s best pastry talents; Meg Galus, Greg Mosko, Jove Hubbard and Sarah Kosikowski to compete in the Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition.

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Webisode 2: Creating The Amuse

In this webisode, our contestants; Meg Galus of NoMI Kitchen, Greg Mosko of North Pond, Jove Hubbard of The James Hotel and Sarah Kosikowski of Sixteen at Trump Tower must use the mystery box to prepare their Amuse (one-bite taster). With limited time and over 20 ingredients and tools to choose from, tensions run high.

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Webisode 3: Presenting the Desserts

If you’ve been following the previous webisode, you’ve witnessed the daunting mystery box, seen the presentations of the Amuse, now follow our contestants as they construct very different and mouthwatering desserts.

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Webisode 4: Judges & Winners

The webisode you’ve all been waiting for, the judges critique the desserts and the winners are revealed.

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crpc emmyCommunicator AwardJMPure Pastry and Bitter Jester won an Emmy Award for the Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition 2011! Congratulations Julie & Jimmy MacMillan, Nicholas DeGrazia and Daniel Kullman, and everyone who made this effort possible. Looking forward to the viewing the next Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition…coming Jan 2013.

To watch the Emmy award winning episodes, visit Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition.

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