One of my favorite world-class culinary events is the prestigious Bocuse d’Or. Held every two years in Lyon, France, the Bocuse d’Or was created to by legendary Chef Paul Bocuse to showcase excellence in the world of gastronomy.

The top 24 artist chefs from all over the world demonstrated their culinary mastery by preparing the designated products with ingredients and flavors of their respective countries. Over two long days the event is kept lively by 3,000 cheering supporters as the candidates each have 5:35 hours to cook up a storm under the watchful eye of the prestigious jury. Keeping with the times, the Bocuse d’Or promoted sustainability by the choice of designated meats (free range guinea-fowl and fario trout) as well as judging the contestants on their eco responsible approach in the kitchens.

Having pulled together photo highlights of the event, and Le Photographe’s official dessert plate photos, as well as a short video, we hope you enjoy a little taste of this truly epic event.


Beatrice S. Schneider
Creative Director
Chicago School of Mold Making

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As a rule, I evaluate competitors based on merit, not nationality. Of all the amazing competitions I’ve witnessed in the past 13 years, this was the most awe inspiring performance of culinary excellence. From the beginning of the event, Team USA was tight and focused. There was a cracking energy and flow that you only see from disciplined training and mastery of tools and ingredients. Chef Philip Tessier and his Commis Sklyer Stover, under the watchful eye of Coach Gavin Kaysen, were a well honed organic entity. It was a sheer delight to witness Team USA in action. Please watch the short video to get a taste of the pressure, and their epic achievement of placing 2nd and bringing home the Silver Bocuse.

Congratulations to the Winners!

BOCUSE D’OR – NORWAY; Orjan Johannessen from the restaurant Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri (Austevoll), representing Norway won the Bocuse d’Or 2015 and 20’000 euros in prize money.

SILVER BOCUSE – UNITED STATES; Philip Tessier from the restaurant The French Laundry (California), representing the United States won the Silver Bocuse 2015 and 15’000 euros in prize money. It is the very first time for the United States to make the podium, having previously participated 15 times.

BRONZE BOCUSE – SWEDEN:Tommy Myllymaki from the restaurant Spira-Sjön-N.E.O.-Julita Wärdshus, representing Sweden won the Bronze Bocuse 2015 and 10’000 euros in prize money. It is the second time on the podium for the candidate who won the silver Bocuse in 2011.

Other special prizes included:
• Special Fish prize: Hideki Takayama from restaurant Maison de Gill Ashiya (Rouen), representing
• Special Meat prize: Matti Jämsén from restaurant G.W.Sundmans et Sundmans Krog, representing Finland.
• Prize for the best promotional campaign: Emiliano Javier Schobert from restaurant El Obrador (Bariloche), representing Argentina.
• Prize for the best poster: Gabor Molnar from restaurant Excelsior’s Vinothek Winebar, representing Hungary.

Thank you for joining us and see you at the next event!