One of the highlight of my job is covering world-class food events like the Culinary World Cup 2014, Luxembourg. Officially known as Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup – ExpoGast, it is held only every four years. In 2014, the five-day event welcomed 105 international teams that consisted of over 1,000 chefs and confectioners. The skilled competitors could compete in both individual and team challenges. As a result, talented chefs from around the world presented some of the most striking and delicious food. Because of the competition, chefs lost sleep as they prepared their presentations. While teams of grand master-chefs preformed the meticulous judging. They critiqued appearance, composition, professional preparation, service, innovation and the chefs choice of materials.

Winners at Culinary World Cup 2014, Luxembourg

Finally, a total of six National Teams were awarded gold for both their hot and cold presentations; Singapore, Sweden, USA, Norway, Iceland and Germany. With top scores, Team Singapore repeated taking first place with exquisitely memorable presentations. Team Sweden took 2nd with their remarkably clever cold table). And Team USA with their tight flavorful work, took third place.

In conclusion, with so much to share we pulled together photo highlights and featured the top scoring teams in this Postcard Series. We hope you join us on this culinary adventure, let your eyes feast!

Beatrice S. Schneider
Creative Director
Chicago Mold School & Chicago Culinary FX

  • Culinary World Cup 2014, Luxembourg
  • Culinary World Cup 1st Place: Team Singapore
  • Culinary World Cup 2nd Place: Team Sweden
  • Culinary World Cup 3rd Place: Team USA