Michael Joy on Expanding Your Creativity

“Creativity is the action of expressing a new idea, theory or process. It is about combining words, colors, sounds, objects, flavors and symbols in order to bring something new to the world, such as a new work of art, a new perspective or a new technique.”

Creativity doesn’t have to be practical. When you reach outside of your comfort zone, you can find new inspirations that will elevate your work and help develop your personal brand and style. Here’s a few pointers on how to expand your creativity in the kitchen.

1. Listen to your creative spirit: We all have an inner voice. Acknowledge it and write your ideas down. Let your creativity know the ideas it’s giving you are valuable.

2. Find new inspirations: Look at other’s work and find things that resonate with you. Inspirations can come from anywhere.

3. Mentally adapt the inspiration to your goal: If you’re working on a showpiece for example, everything you look at becomes a showpiece.

4. Express your idea in a material you can handle: It’s easy to want to create something that’s beyond your skillset. You either need to learn new skills, or adapt your process.

5. Copy, then transform: Copying is okay, but don’t stop at the copy. Make it personal.

6. Creativity is not practical: Don’t lead with practical. Let that come later.

7. Nothing is new: Everything is new. Every day is new. We all have the opportunity to bring a new vision and style into the world.

8. How can you develop a completely new design?: Find the common elements, deconstruct a current design and strip it. Rebuild in your own vision.

9. Work in an environment that nurtures creativity: If your work space is hostel, your creativity is going to be impaired. Look for another space to be creative. Pushing for quality is one thing, but pushing someone down is another.

10. Creative minds don’t give up: When you truly desire something, you can figure out a way to make it happen.

To watch the video version, visit Youtube and enjoy Expanding Your Creativity.