Chef Jove Hubbard's World Chocolate Masters EggJove Hubbard, Executive Pastry Chef at The James Hotel Chicago and David Burke’s Primehouse really stepped up to plate to create Jov. When the 1st candidate to represent the United States at the World Chocolate Masters had to withdraw, Jove took on the position. With much less time than most other candidates, Jove came to the Chicago School of Mold Making with his vision for the competitions theme “The Architecture of Taste”. Executive Pastry Chef Gabriel Geers of the Sheraton Chicago assisted him on the journey.

After a few sessions, Jove had a solid plan and tools to execute his vision. Elements of his design included a textured silicone mat to add character to his giant polycarbonate egg, a cast apple, a soft-edged entremets mold, acrylic chablon covers for cleaner airbrushing of his bon-bons, a mold for producing multiples of his plated dessert.

Finally for his ‘globe’ presentation, Chef Hubbard used a wood-textured mold and a mold of his hand to add that personal touch. We are really excited to be able to share his remarkable chocolate vision. Thank you Chef Hubbard!