Peter Gyorgyicsek- Cyber Showpiece

Pastry Chef Peter Gyorgyicsek is one to watch. In case you don’t know him, he’s the Hungarian pastry chef we’ve featured before for the stunning sugar showpiece that earned him a gold medal at the IKA Culinary Olympics.

Not limited to sugar, he surprised us with his proficiency in chocolate by taking the gold at the Culinaire Malaysia 2015. Spurred on by management, his peers, and missing his family, he worked after hours for 2 months to complete this sculpted chocolate Cyber Woman Showpiece showpiece. After the nerve-wracking transport of the main elements and another 4 hours constructing the showpiece, he finished just in time for the judging.

“First time I challenge myself with chocolate. It was not easy at all, but at the end come out very good. 80% made with hand and only around 20% made from molding. The competition was very strong. I saw many brilliant showpieces, but the judges only gave gold to me. I am so happy to win this gold after the 2012 Culinary Olympics Gold. Thanks for your support.”

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