Chef Iliana Regan's Carrot SoupIliana Regan’s restaurant, Elizabeth, was hotly anticipated for its focus on sustainable and foraged ingredients. After her successful supper club, Iliana wanted to offer the same kind of magical experience to diners at her restaurant, Elizabeth. She succeeded and was awarded a Michelin star.
We really enjoy her imaginative presentations and were excited to make a custom mold of the Thumbelina Carrot she supplied for her carrot soup dish. With a well-developed sense of rustic cuisine, it’s refreshing to see modern techniques used so well to support her theme.

“At the beginning of the meal, we present our diners with a clarified chilled carrot and ginger soup encapsulated in a cocoa butter shell. It is served on moss and wood to represent the journey through farm and forest we hope to take the diner on during the meal.”
-Iliana Regan
Elizabeth Restaurant