Coupe du Monde 2013

Another spectacular event, this year 22 teams representing five continents at the Coupe du Monde 2013, prepared breath-taking work in front of an enthusiastic audience. Presenting ice, sugar and chocolate showpieces, and four other desserts, it was riveting to behold.

The winners of the two days, 10-hour event were:

  • 1st place, Team France; Quentin Bailly, Mathieu Blandin, and Joffrey Lafontaine
  • 2nd place, Team Japan; Tetsuro Akasaki, Daisuke Tomita, and Koh Moriyama
  • 3rd place Team Italy; Francesco Boccia, Marcello Boccia, and Lucca Cantarin

And only 39 points behind, Team USA: Andy Chlebana, Stephan Durfee, and Christophe Feyt.

Congratulations and fantastic work Chefs!