Pastry Live, an event for pastry chefs to compete and learn.

After being closely involved with culinary teams in numerous international competitions, Michael Joy approached Chef Paul Bodrogi (event owner and producer) to organize a culinary event designed to reduce the time and money it typically takes for a chef to compete. Addressing another frequent competition complaint, each kitchen is supplied with the same core equipment, so no team has a financial advantage. Additionally, Paul and Michael divided each category (showpiece, plated dessert, chocolate bon-bon, and cake) into separate competitions to simplify and accommodate the realities of competing while balancing a chef’s busy daily life. Over the past five years, the event has grown to include seven different competitions and has been recognized internationally as a nurturing and positive thinking community which challenges competition chefs to test their skills and present their best work.

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Pastry Live 2016 – For Chefs by Chefs

Now in it’s fifth year, Pastry Live continues to be a good example of what gathering of the pastry community can be—By chefs, For chefs. See Over 85 chef competitors put their best work forward in seven competitions.

Pastry Live Champions Chefs Kengo Akabame & Toshiori Akishiro

Uncommon Sense – with Kengo Akabame

Greetings 2016 Pastry Live Competitors! Welcome to Uncommon Sense – Competition Tips from Champions to get everyone even more into shape for Pastry Live 2016! Over the past decade, The Chicago School of Mold Making/Chicago Culinary FX has developed hundreds of custom silicone molds with many of the best chefs in the industry. We also […]

Pastry Live 2015 - Postcard Header

Pastry Live 2015

In Pastry Live 2015, ninety competitors put their best foot forward in seven competitions. Over three riveting days, chefs competed in the Signature Plated Desserts, Chocolatier of the Year, Art of Cake, Student Chocolate Challenge, Dessert Cup, Pastry Atlanta and National Showpiece Championship events.

Pastry Live 2014 national showpiece championship first place dragon ball showpiece

Pastry Live 2014

Pastry Live 2014 was another leap forward in the pastry arts!
From August 24th – August 26th, Atlanta hosted the fourth annual Pastry Live. Featured during the three-day event with competitions and seminars highlighting the leading pastry talents in the industry.

Pastry Live14-Bill Foltz & Cori National Showpiece Champions with Beatrice n Michael Joy

Uncommon Sense – with Bill Foltz

Welcome to Uncommon Sense – Competition Tips from Champions! Beatrice recently caught up with 2014 National Showpiece Champion Pastry Chef Bill Foltz, who was generous enough to share his insights.

Michael Joy -Expanding your Creativity

Creativity doesn’t have to be practical. When you reach outside of your comfort zone, you can find new inspirations that will elevate your work and help develop your personal brand and style. Here’s a few pointers on how to expand your creativity in the kitchen.

Uncommon Sense – with Daniel Keadle

Welcome to our second edition of Uncommon Sense – Competition Tips from Champions. We proudly present Daniel Keadle, the 2012 National Showpiece Champion, Pastry Chef at The Phoenician Resort, Scottsdale. Here are some observations he has to share.

Uncommon Sense – with Maura Metheny

Welcome to Uncommon Sense – Competition Tips from Champions. We proudly present Maura Metheny, 2013 National Showpiece Champion, Director of Innovation and Product Design for Norman Love Confections. Here is what she has to share…

Uncommon Sense – with Andy Chlebana

Welcome Uncommon Sense – Competition Tips from Champions. The first in our series of competition tips, we proudly present 2011 National Showpiece Champion, Chef Instructor Andy Chlebana while he was driving cross country to yet another competition.

Announcing 2013 Pastry Live Team Captains

Pastry Live 2013: Announcing Team Captains

Pastry Live is proud to announce the team captains for the 2013 National Showpiece Championship. Each team will choose from either chocolate or sugar to compete for the title of National Showpiece Champions and a cash prize of $5,000.

Pastry Live 2012 Winners

Over the August 3-5, 2012 weekend, passionate pastry chef from all over the Americans got together to share their enthusiasm for their craft. We are very proud to announce the events winners.

Pastry Live 2012

Be part of the action with Pastry Live’s audience awards and chocolate tastings in which you get to vote. And the Showpieces, they are like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Pastry Live Weekend

Join Us For Pastry Live Weekend 2011

The first ever Pastry Live Weekend will be hosted in Atlanta, GA on August 26 through 28th, 2011. Masters of the pastry world will host seminars to share their expertise and knowledge, and some of America’s best sugar and chocolate artists will compete in The National Showpiece Championship!