It’s been a wonderful couple of days, Pastry Live 2011 in Atlanta was a hit! Everyone enjoyed the three seminars taught by Stéphane Tréand MOF, Jean-Marie Auboine and Susan Notter. Assisting Susan, Karen Portaleo made realistic sculpted cakes (a bull dog and nod to the city’s fun culture, Lola). The Student Chocolate Challenge warmed up the kitchens, followed by the highly anticipated first annual National Showpiece Championship. Making either a sugar or chocolate showpiece each of the five teams produced exceptional results.

As the teams were casting and assembling, competitors brought in their cakes for Art of Cake competition, followed by the Chocolatier of the Year competition. There was so much to see!
Andy Chlebana & Nancy Carey
Shown here, Nancy Carey and Andy Chlebana are putting the final touches on the chocolate showpiece which won them “Most Excellent” and the title National Showpiece Champions.
(click the image for a better view)

And the winners are:

Art of Cake Challenge

Chocolatier of the Year

Showpiece Championship

Student Chocolate Challenge

  • 1st: Elizabeth Seiz
  • 2nd: Breanna Kinkead
  • 3rd: Jennifer Tyler

Thanks for joining us and stay tuned for many more photos!