It’s that time again, Pastry Live 2013 is this August 25-27.Pastry Live 2013 registration has begun!

Pastry Live 2013

Tickets are now on sale…

If you have been thinking about competing in Pastry Live, but have not yet registered, we encourage you to take action and get signed up! We have five competitions to choose from:

March 1st 2013 is the deadline to register. THIS IS OUR LAST CALL FOR ENTRIES.

Each competition is designed to be chef friendly so that you can still have a normal life while you prepare to kick some butt. If you are not going to compete, but know someone who may be on the fence about it, please forward this email to them.

If you are already registered to compete, thank you for being ahead of the curve. It says a lot about your organizational skills and commitment.

Chef Paul Bodrogi will be announcing the selection in early March. We want you to be one of them!