No other springtime vegetable captures the season’s flavor quite like asparagus. Our Asparagus Silicone Mold captures all the realistic details of this precious delicacy. For sweet or savory, how will you surprise your guests? Get your Asparagus Silicone Mold:

Great Chef – Great Ideas

Legendary Chef Laurent Gras came to us years ago for a custom silicone mold. At that time, he wanted us to make him an asparagus mold so that he could create his white chocolate asparagus dessert. As a result, the first asparagus custom silicone mold was made.

Asparagus Silicone Mold

Much later, we created a different asparagus silicone mold that we could offer for sale as a product. First of all in the new design, the spires cast are fat enough to easily unmold. That also offers good volume (vs little thin stalks). Additionally, the molds are pre-cut at the ends so they are easier to unmold. With three different stalks, the mold makes 9 castings at a time.

We had started collaborating with executive chef Jamie Simpson of the Culinary Vegetable Institute, the innovation/education branch of Chef’s Garden. Chef Jamie has such affections for this spring vegetable that it inspired him to create an annual Asparagus centric dinner. He servers his lucky guest seven different dishes featuring asparagus. These dishes showcase Chef’s Garden’s farm fresh Asparagus at the peak of it’s season. One of his first dishes, Chef Jamie used the asparagus silicone mold to cast the white asparagus curd dessert. Finally, he then plated the asparagus curd dessert with vanilla smoke, gooseberry, pink peppercorn and sour cherry.

A few years later, he and his team surprised his guest again. They served asparagus  infused butter for their bread a& butter dish. The surprised guest were delighted. The effect as you can see, was marvelous!

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What will you create? Let us know and send photos.