Introducing the Corn Nibble Mold by Corey Siegel. We collaborated with chef Corey Siegel to design these new custom food molds which enables you to cast 27 organic looking bite-size portions very effectively.

food competition demands excellence

When chef Corey Siegel contacted us to make a memorable corn presentation for the upcoming ment’or young chef competition, mold maker Michael Joy had just the thing for his plate. Corey knew he wanted to serve corn but not in a heaping spoonful. He was looking for more control with precise portions, befitting the level of excellence expected in this competition. The custom food molds Michael Joy  came up with not only addressed the precise food portions but also saved Corey valuable time by allowing him to cast the three row corn nibble in multiples, instead of having to slice rows off corn cobs.

delicious beautiful food

As the 2013 Commis at the Bocus d’Or, chef Corey Siegel had picked up a few valuable skills. He utilized his kitchen know how and used carrageenan instead of gelatin to cast the corn nibbles. This resulted in a much creamier mouth feel and realistic food castings that still captured all the details of the original. When the judges initially sank their forks through the corn, they couldn’t believe their senses. And with the judges including ment’or board of Directors Jérôme Bocuse, Daniel Boulud, and Thomas Keller, Corey had a lot to show to impress them. Impress them he did, and walked away with second place. Nice work, Corey. We can’t wait to see what else you’ll create!

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Beatrice S Schneider - Chicago Culinary FX

Beatrice S. Schneider
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