As the days grow longer, we are excited to welcome our favorite spring vegetables. What a beautiful way to present this seasonal delicacy! What would you cast with it? You can get your Peas in a Pod Silicone Mold here here:

Peas in a Pod Silicone Mold

Possibilities with Peas in a Pod Silicone Mold

As the temperatures outside start rise and the sun welcomes us earlier in the day and stay out longer at night, our appetites yearn for fresh celebrations of spring. This Peas in a pod mold, lets clever chefs present delicately crafted wonders with constancy and control. The model for this mold took several season to find the perfect pea. Thanks to our friends at Chef-Garden who supplied us with a beautiful selection so were were able to find the perfect pea. After its initial casting, Beatrice S. Schneider hand sculpted and polished the details to create a remarkable pea casting for your spring time dishes.
Please enjoy creating wonderful treats with our food contact safe silicone molds. Casts well with gelee, agar or butter. Help spread the wonder.